Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun (But Finding Yourself Without Any Time To Write Down What You Really Want To Say)

So in the interests of that horrendously long but accurate title for this post, I'm closing up shop here at metaDRAMA. I'm going to try consolidating my so-called "belletristic bemusements" with my actual reviews of plays over at That Sounds Cool, in the hopes that merging all the thoughts I'm having about theater, both in what I'm seeing and what I'm reading, will help me become more timely in my posts. So far, it's worked: the fourth "Critical Thought" is posted over there right now. Thanks for bearing with me as I try to flesh out what exactly I want to do with all this criticism, and where I hope it will lead me in the future. Your thoughts, as always, are welcome. (Only you might want to do them over there, as I'll stop checking this blog.)