Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Aaron vs. Hard Drugs

So I'm reading the Post today (yes, I know) and the big story is all about how Osama bin Laden wanted to buy up a lot of cocaine from the Colombian cartels so that he could lace it with poison before distributing it to America. Am I a terrorist for agreeing that this would not be a terrible thing? In one fell swoop, we not only kill off the majority of drug users, but we highly discourage other potential addicts through the dosage of fear. In fact, I'm surprised that the Bush Administration hasn't attempted this type of reform yet, and then I remember that the majority of their constitutency are surely snorting lines of something up every night. I'm not a violent person, and I don't really want to kill off those who are currently caught in the web of Coke (the caffenated ones, maybe), but if he's got to attack one portion of our population, that wouldn't necessarily be the worst of times. As it turns out, the Colombians decided killing off their clientel would be decidedly bad for business and - in the most overlooked case of racism yet - rejected the millions offered by a black bearded Muslim in favor of the millions offered by baby-faced white Christians. I'm told Rev. Al Sharpton is on the case.

Okay, so the new "Su Doku" puzzles that I was first introduced to in London and which have now become so popular in the Post (yes, again, I know!) are actually quite addictive. And I found that trying to solve today's [Difficult Puzzle #02] helped me concentrate better on getting out of bad poker hands. At least, that's the bit of superstition I'm choosing to believe in today. All I'm saying is, the fact that I can solve them makes me smarter than you. I mean... I prefer logic games. That is... oh, screw it. I do
cryptic crosswords for fun.

boo-yeah to: Lance Cpl. Aaron Riccio, who has exactly one reference through the Penninsula Clarion if you ever, you know, stalk me through Google. He's all he can be, which is precisely not me.

If You Can't Say Love, by Visionaries

MY LIFE (an update):
I see skies of blue. Things are definately looking up, whether or not I get this job 12 hours from now. Either way, you'll hear about it, 'cause I'll have a story for you. In the meantime, please support me and my fellow writers by going to WriteFight, where you can read the hottest amateur fiction ever! Guess which one I am for extra points.

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