Thursday, July 28, 2005

Aaron vs. Vertical Fashion

No matter how hard I tried to avoid it, there was no escaping the attack of flying models. Target (yes, that Target) sponsored a fashion show, one that would show off the elegance of affordable clothing from the highly "posh" department store. Of course, how better to display low costs than to shrug off expense (along, obviously, with common sense) and allow your models to walk down a vertical runway, suspended by high tension cables. Nothing spells publicity like the possibility of models freefalling to their death.

A brief aside must be made here: I apologize for the previous sentence in which I made light of models dying. Tom Welling (a former model who now plays the young Clark Kent on Smallville) has a stunt double who just fell off a water tower while shooting a new episode. He's in critical, which just goes to show that God loves irony, because he keeps injuring people who play Superman in any capacity. So of course, I'm expecting some models (who surely know less than a stunt director) to hurt themselves.

Back to the main thrust: so I call Jeanette to tell her the good news (and no, it's not that I've converted to Catholicism) and we wind up going to The Rink Bar. Because it's been raining for the last hour (not like either of us would know, she inside her environmentally controlled workspace, me inside McDonald's, enjoying the black triple diamond landscape of iceberg thighs [only %10 showing] and overzealous moms) the bar is pretty empty, which is nice because it gives the both of us a clear view of the ten story building behind us, down which models are caroming in what can only be called synchronized free-falling. We're talking all-out expense from Target too; there are spotlights and the "hits" of the '80s and '90s, so it must be legit. Not like I'd know though, I had other things to look at.

A final thought on vertical runway modeling: if you've ever thought that we look like ants down there, you look like ants up there too. Not only could I care less about what you were all wearing, but I couldn't actually see it. You may have sparked the next best thing since base jumping, and yet I feel I still have better things to do in my life than walk down the side of a building while essentially dancing the Macarena.

The one in your wall. As in, the electrical socket. That's pretty random, isn't it?

boo-yeah to: Anybody quitting their job on Friday. Apparently that's a synchronized event now too, 'cause everybody and their mother seems to be doing it.

The 'Bu #8, by The Lonely Island

MY LIFE (an update):
Well, AIM is ambiguous, but we've known this for some time. Once again, I find myself communicating my deepest thoughts electronically; thankfully, I'm not being allowed to do that today. So sorry, that's all you get for now.


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